Table 3.

Neuroinvasiveness of YF/JE virusesa

Virus% Mortality (no. dead/no. tested)bStrain
YF/JE-S0 (0/4)ICR
YF/JE-N0 (0/13)ICR
20 (3/15)C57BL/6
JE-N100 (12/12)ICR
100 (11/11)C57BL/6
  • a YF/JE-S, YF/JE-N, or JE-N was inoculated at 6 log10 PFU into 3-week-old mice by the intraperitoneal route.

  • b For both ICR and C57BL/6 mice, the difference in mortality of YF/JE-N versus JE-N was significant (P < 0.005 , by χ2 analysis of the proportion of survivors).