Table 1.

Amounts of ς3 protein in rcISVPs

TrialaParticle typePrepnbς3/λc(mean ± SD)
1Virion, T1L1.51 ± 0.08
rcISVPA1.51 ± 0.02
2Virion, T1L1.26 ± 0.04
rcISVPB1.28 ± 0.12
3Virion, T1L1.27 ± 0.03
rcISVPC1.30 ± 0.03
  • a Each trial represents an individual SDS-polyacrylamide gel.

  • b Three independent preparations of rcISVPs (A, B, and C) were analyzed in the three trials.

  • c Proteins from purified virus particles were separated by SDS-PAGE and visualized by Coomassie blue staining. The ς3 and λ protein bands were quantitated by laser densitometry (Molecular Dynamics), and the ς3/λ ratio was calculated for each particle sample. The values shown were determined from three lanes of each particle type that were analyzed per gel.