Table 1.

Virus isolation and nested PCR analysis of PBMC and lymph node cells from macaques after intrarectal challenge with E11S clone or with uncloned SIVmne

Challenge virus and macaque no.Results of analysis at (wks postchallenge)a:
E11S clone
Uncloned SIVmne
  • a Symbols within each column denote positive (+) or negative (−) results in the following assays: virus isolation from PBMC, PCR analysis of PBMC DNA, and PCR analysis of lymph node DNA. When only two data are indicated, they refer to results from the first two assays. R, reassigned to be rechallenged with uncloned SIVmne. Animals 93204, 93205, and 93191 were euthanatized due to AIDS at, respectively, 160, 55, and 178 weeks after challenge. Letters within the column denote the cause of death as follows: A, AIDS-related euthanasia; E, elective euthanasia; U, unrelated death. NT, not tested; ?, results inconclusive.

  • b Macaques 90071, 90077, and 90099 were previously challenged intrarectally with SIVmne E11S (produced from a HuT 78 single-cell clone). Macaques 90090, 91074, and 90108 were challenged intravenously at the same time with the same virus grown on macaque PBMC (31). All six animals were protected from the first challenge and were consistently found to be virus negative by PBMC coculture and nested PCR for >2 years before rechallenge with uncloned SIVmne.