Table 1.

Characteristics of the primary HIV-2 isolates used in this study

Virus isolateSubtypeaClinical statusBiological phenotypebMT-2 tropismc
Cell-free virus infectionCocultivation
1654AAIDSRapid/high * *
1682AAsymptomaticSlow/low * *
1808AAstheniaSlow/low * *
1812AAIDSSlow/low * d
1816AAIDSSlow/low * *
2298AAsymptomaticSlow/low * *
2300AAIDSSlow/low * d
1653BAIDSRapid/high * *
  • a Determined by phylogenetic tree analysis of V3 sequences (4).

  • b Classification as rapid/high based on replication in CEM and U937-2 cells (3, 4).

  • c Four experiments were carried out, two by cocultivation with infected PBMC and two by cell-free virus infection. +, HIV-2 antigen production and syncytium formation; *, late HIV-2 antigen production and late single-cell death; −, no HIV-2 antigen production or syncytium formation.

  • d Negative for both HIV-2 antigen production and cytopathic effects in one of two experiments.