Table 3.

Sequences at the 5′ ends of ISAV mRNAs corresponding to virus segments 2 and 8

SegmentSequence at 5′ mRNA endsb
2     g a a u g u a a c u a u A G C A A A G A
8 g a g a c a g g c a g u g c A G C A A A G A
8a         g a a u u c u u c c – G C A A A G A
  • a Data taken from accession no. Y10404 (20).

  • b The conserved 5′ terminal sequence of positive-sense mRNAs is shown in capital letters, while the lowercase letters show the heterogeneous sequence, possibly derived through a cap-snatching mechanism. The dash (–) is inserted to align the conserved residues.