Table 1.

Anti-HIV activities of T22, TW70, and T134 in MT-4 cellsa

CompoundSequencebCC50c(μg/ml)EC50 (μg/ml)SId
T22R-R-W-C-Y-R-K- C - Y -K-G-Y- C - Y -R-K-C-R-CONH2 490.076645
TW70R-R-W-C-Y-R-K- dK-P-Y-R-K-C-R-CONH2 400.0301333
T134R-R-W-C-Y-R-K- dK-P-Y-R-Ci-C-R-COOH 3050.00933889
  • a MT-4 cells were infected with HIV-1IIIB (multiplicity of infection, 0.01).

  • b The substituted amino acids are underlined; deleted amino acids are double-underlined. Ci,l-citrulline.

  • c CC50, 50% cytotoxic concentration.

  • d SI, selectivity index based on the ratio of CC50 to EC50.