Table 1.

HIV-1-specific antibody titers in sera from vaccinees and infected individuals

SeraaNeutralizing antibody titer to HIV-1W61DcAntibody binding titers tod:
V3W61Drgp120W61DsCD4/ rgp120W61D BS
Vaccinees (n = 9)
W61D-Nonneutral-izing (n = 19)
  P valueb NSe 0.0104NSNS
W61D-Neutral-izing (n = 9)
  P value0.00040.0004NSNS
  • a Sera from rgp120W61D-immunized individuals and HIV-1-infected individuals. The latter are subdivided as W61D-nonneutralizing or W61D-neutralizing, according to the neutralization of the PBMC-derived isolate, HIV-1W61D, when assayed on MT2 cells.

  • b P values, generated by the nonparametric unpaired Mann-Whitney U test, refer to differences between the vaccinee sera and the appropriate neutralization group.

  • c Titers are expressed as the reciprocal of the highest dilution of serum which inhibited the formation of syncytia by 90% relative to that of controls.

  • d Data are presented as the median and range of end point antibody binding titers to the V3W61D loop and to monomeric rgp120 derived from HIV-1W61D and 50% inhibition titers to the sCD4 binding site on monomeric rgp120W61D.

  • e NS, P value of >0.05.