Table 1.

Specific reactivity of HTLV-1 sera with native and denatured HTLV-1 gp46

ProteinSeranRange (OD)Avg (±1 SD)a
Native HTLV-1 gp46HTLV-1280.193–1.1350.674 ± 0.294c, d
HTLV-1 100.001–0.0420.012 ± 0.013c
Denatured HTLV-1 gp46HTLV-1280.005–0.4380.119 ± 0.122d, e
HTLV-1 10(−0.061)–0.014−0.002 ± 0.022e
% Reactivity remainingb HTLV-1281.2–43.7%14.7 ± 10.4%
  • a All values reflect specific reactivity to HTLV-1 envelope proteins, with background reactivity to proteins captured from uninfected extracts subtracted.

  • b % Reactivity remaining is the fraction of the total reactivity for each serum sample that is directed at denatured HTLV-1 gp46 protein. For each serum sample, this value is calculated as follows (OD denatured MT-2 − OD denatured uninfected)/(OD native MT-2 − OD native uninfected) × 100. The average value is the mean % reactivity remaining obtained with all 28 serum samples. This calculation does not produce the same value as dividing the mean OD value for native HTLV-1 gp46 by the mean OD value obtained with denatured HTLV-1 gp46. Significance was calculated by using the unpaired t test with Welch correction.

  • c Significantly different from each other (P < 0.0001).

  • d Significantly different from each other (P < 0.0001).

  • e Significantly different from each other (P < 0.0001).