Table 1.

Tumorigenicity in nude micea

Cell lineNo. of mice with palp-able tumors/total no. of animalsLatencybMean tumor areac (mm2) ± SD
ABT924124d ± 12
ABT10474 ± 2
ABT29374 ± 2
ABS16795 ± 53
ABST467115 ± 54
ABST56721 ± 3
  • a NMRI(nu/nu) mice (six per group) with a mean body weight of 20 g were given subcutaneous injections of 106 cells and monitored for tumor formation for 56 days. At this time, the animals were killed.

  • b Day postinfection when palpable tumors were first detected.

  • c Calculated 26 days after inoculation as the product of two perpendicular diameters, one measured across the greatest width of the tumor.

  • d Measured 56 days after inoculation.