Table 4.

Glycosylation sequons on the HA1 globular head (positions 90 to 260) of avian influenza virusesa

HA subtypeTotal no. of sequences analyzedPositions of glycosylation sequonsb
H111 (1 turkey)94*
H212 (1 guinea fowl)94 [1], 169/170*
H4 9 (1 seal, 1 turkey, 1 chicken)165*, 216 [1]
  • a The analysis was performed by using the sequences of avian viruses from GenBank. Most viruses were from the wild aquatic birds (waterfowl, gulls, shorebirds, and shearwaters); the number and host of virus isolates from other species are indicated in parentheses.

  • b The number of sequences with a sequon at a particular position is shown in brackets. An asterisk indicates that all of the sequences analyzed bear a glycosylation sequon at that position.