Table 1.

Isotype and secretion of HCV HMAbs CBH-2 through CBH-17

AntibodyTargetFusion partneraSubtypeAntibody secretion (μg/ml)c
CBH-2HCV E2K6H6/B5IgG1Kappa34–88
CBH-4DHCV E2K6H6/B5IgG1Lambda19–62
CBH-4BHCV E2K6H6/B5IgG1Kappa17–26
CBH-4GHCV E2K6H6/B5IgG1Kappa17–27
CBH-5HCV E2H73C11IgG1Kappa11–25
CBH-7HCV E2K6H6/B5IgG1Kappa9–29
CBH-8CHCV E2K6H6/B5IgG1Kappa11–62
CBH-8EHCV E2K6H6/B5IgG1Kappa6
CBH-11HCV E2K6H6/B5IgG1Kappa23–95
CBH-17HCV E2K6H6/B5IgG1Lambda27–48
R04b CMV p64K6H6/B5IgG1Lambda119–204
  • a Cell line (described in reference28) used to isolate B cells.

  • b Isotype-matched control antibody.

  • c Obtained from bulk culture of the hybridomas at different times.