Table 1.

Plasmids used in this study

NameMutationfActivationaRepressionbIncreased FK2 detection of conjugated ubiquitinc
pCI110Wild type+++NAd +++
pCIFXEdel 106–149
p110DR40del 129–130NDe
p110F1ins 150
p110D22del 162–188
p110R2ins 162
p110E8ins 188
p110E13ins 197
p110R3ins 212
p110E32-1ins 222+
p110D13/32del 197–222NDND
pCIM1R623L, K624INA+++
p110D12del 594–633+NA+++
  • a Data taken from references 8,16, 21, and 42. The effects of the mutations on the activation of a target expression cassette by ICP0 alone were estimated, using slightly different conditions in the three series of experiments; −, less than 10% of wild-type activity; +, 10 to 40%; ++, 40 to 70%; +++, >70%.

  • b Truncated forms of ICP0 containing the RING finger region repress expression from reporter constructs (50). p110262 is a plasmid equivalent to the repression construct used in those studies; + and − indicate the effects of these same mutations in this region in their assay.

  • c Ability of plasmid construct to induce increased conjugated ubiquitin staining detected by MAb FK2 in transfected cells.

  • d NA, not applicable.

  • e ND, not done.

  • f ins, insertion; del, deletion.