Table 2.

Types of mutations in the mutant spectrum of FMDV C-S8c1 progeny in the absence or presence of the mutagenic base analog FU or AZCa

Mutation typebNo. of mutations in the FMDV C-S8c1 population at the indicated passage in the presence of the following mutagen:
A → C011000
A → G103323
A → U100000
C → A313111
C → G000011
C → U301503
G → A110503
G → C000000
G → U101000
U → A001000
U → C014702
U → G000000
Deletionsc 002000
No. of mutations per nucleotide0.000420.000380.000680.00200.000380.0012
  • a Populations, numbers of clones and nucleotides analyzed, and conditions of chemical mutagenesis are described in Materials and Methods and in Table 1, footnotesa and c, and the legend to Fig. 2.

  • b Mutations are those scored in the VP1- and 3D-coding regions.

  • c Deletion of a G (corresponding to the last triplet of VP1), observed in two clones, which should correspond to defective genomes. Only one accompanying mutation was found in these clones; exclusion of these mutations does not alter the calculations and conclusions reported in this table, in Table 1, and in the text.