Table 2.

Plasmids used for the generation of revertant genomes

PlasmidEnzyme 1aNucleotide positionEnzyme 2aNucleotide position
pUH-25 EcoRV (SmaI)105127 PstI (NsiI)110694
pUH-26 SpeI (XbaI)80099 XhoI (XhoI)84790
pUH-27 SphI (SphI)159669 NheI (NheI)168330
pUH-28 SphI (SphI)107919 SalI (SalI)112129
pUH-29 KpnI (KpnI)144435 KpnI (KpnI)147618
pUH-30 XhoI (XhoI)79366 SstI (SstI)83906
pUH-31 NsiI (NsiI)81000 Eco47III (SmaI)85583
pUH-32 SnaBI (HpaI)11427 SstI (SstI)15544
pUH-33 SnaBI (HpaI)105042 SnaBI (HpaI)109189
pUH-34 XbaI (XbaI)106258 PmlI (HpaI)110389
  • ↵a Enzymes used for cleaving shuttle vector pST76A-SR are in parentheses.