Table 1.

Overview of the experimental strategya

GroupVectorAdoptive transferAbbreviationNo. of recipient mice
2AAV-lacZ Control mature DCsMature DCs124
3AAV-lacZ Ad-lacZ-infected immature DCsAd-lacZ immature DCs44
4AAV-lacZ AAV-lacZ-infected immature DCs164
5AAV-lacZ AAV-lacZ-infected mature DCsAAV-lacZ mature DCs4NDb
6AAV-lacZ AAV-GFP-infected DCsAAV-GFP immature DCs5ND
7AAV-lacZ Control immature DCsImmature DCs4ND
  • a Wild-type C57BL/6 and CD40L−/− mice were injected intramuscularly (i.m) with AAV-lacZ in the left tibialis anterior on day 1. Immature and mature DCs were generated from C57BL/6 mouse BM and infected with various DNA viral vectors as described in Materials and Methods. PBS, control DCs, and various DC populations separately infected with AAV-lacZ, Ad-lacZ, and AAV-GFP were injected subcutaneously (s.c.) in the right lower quadrant of the ventral abdominal wall 10 days after AAV-lacZ administration. The abbreviations show the recipient mice given various DCs, infected with different viral vectors by adoptive transfer or not given DC, as described in Materials and Methods.

  • b ND, not done.