Table 2.

Transduction of DGBE and CaCo-2 cells with lentivirus and murine retroviral vectorsa

Cells and vector% GFP-positive cellsb
Apical infectionBasolateral infection
 pLNCeGFP2.6 ± 2<0.5
 pRtatpeGFP43 ± 174.7 ± 1
 pRRLcmveGFPsin24 ± 16<0.5
 pLNCeGFP2.9 ± 12.4 ± 1
 pRtatpeGFP33 ± 25<0.5
 pRRLcmveGFPsin3.8 ± 0.5<0.5
  • a Confluent monolayers of DGBE and CaCo-2 cells were transduced with first- and third-generation lentivirus vectors and a murine retroviral vector. Experiments were performed using at least two different viral preparations per virus type.

  • b Results are averages and standard deviations from at least three different independent experiments.