Table 1.

Major lineages of primate and nonprimate lentiviruses and murine leukemia virus, a prototype oncoretrovirus

VirusHostImmune deficiencyDiseaseLymphotropicViremiaGenomic organizationa
revtatvifvprvpr/vpxvpunefOther ORF
SIVMAC MonkeysYesYesYesYes
SIVAGM MonkeysYesYesYesYes
EIAVHorsesNoYesNoYes, intermittentS2
CAEVGoats and sheepNoYesNoYes
Visna virusSheep and goatsNoYesNoYes
  • a Rev is conserved across all lentiviruses. Tat and Vif are conserved in all primate lentiviruses and are common to all nonprimate lentiviruses with the exception of FIV (tat) and EIAV (vif). FIV ORF A, however, is presumed to have Tat-like activity. vpr (orvpr/vpx) and nef are present only in primate lentiviruses. vpu is unique to HIV-1.

  • b ?, virus may be present but below the current level of consistent detection.