Table 3.

SIV Gag epitope p11C-specific CD8+T-lymphocyte responses of vaccinated animals after intravenous challenge with SIVsm E660

ImmunizationMonkeyAssayValue at indicated day after challenge
SIVgag P091% Fresha 14.410.
No. of cells/μlb 1103062,843822856760ND24115665396846
% Peptide stimulatedc
% Specific lysisd 62.562.380.6NDND73.579.887.1ND78.7ND98.181.575.859.0
N529% Fresh0.
No. of cells/μl000878915258ND9382136ND21
% Peptide stimulated0.
% Specific lysis18.27.46.0ND33.318.745.468.5ND34.3ND60.252.762.153.6
T258% Fresh0.
No. of cells/μl1021123257661352011611
% Peptide stimulated3.62.411.
% Specific lysis23.5ND60.839.721.253.350.554.471.055.950.141.445.442.338.1
9298% Fresh0.
No. of cells/μl1162210176146856660501322201512
% Peptide stimulated16.73.222.527.118.440.446.013.827.937.
% Specific lysis55.9ND56.065.541.871.077.851.377.752.658.045.837.113.142.3
ControlP967% Fresh0.
No. of cells/μl000022798ND5810103117
% Peptide stimulated0.
% Specific lysis0.
R468% Fresh0.
No. of cells/μl0000111032311ND84225
% Peptide stimulated0.
% Specific lysis0.
T720% Fresh0.
No. of cells/μl00000138323418106693
% Peptide stimulated0.
% Specific lysis1.4ND4.
V299% Fresh0.
No. of cells/μl00000298ND245141013
% Peptide stimulated1.
% Specific lysis13.8ND7.
J8N% Fresh0.
No. of cells/μl0ND00001939910192725ND
% Peptide stimulated0.
% Specific lysis3.7ND4.70.55.6NDND24.6ND3.46.719.
  • a CD8αβ+PBL in whole blood were assessed for binding of the Mamu-A*01/p11C tetramer.

  • b Total number of CD8αβ+ cells binding the Mamu-A*01/p11C tetramer per microliter of whole blood.

  • c PBL were cultured in vitro with p11C (10 μg/ml) for 12 days and then assessed for binding of the Mamu-A*01/p11C tetramer to CD8αβ+ T cells.

  • d PBL were cultured in vitro with p11C (10 μg/ml) for 12 days and then assessed for p11C-specific lysis using a standard 51Cr release assay. Data represent percent p11C-specific lysis at an effector-to-target ratio of 10:1.

  • e ND, not done.

  • f Animal was euthanized.