Table 1.

Capacity of Vpr derivatives to retard plasmid DNA migration

PeptideAmt of peptide needed for complete DNA retardation (μg)aPlus/minus charge ratio of the peptide-DNA complex
Vpr1–96 40.5
Vpr1–51 >30b NAd
Vpr52–96 20.8
Vpr52–93 20.77
Vpr52–75 202.1
Vpr60–80 2.51.5
Vpr70–96 21.4
Vpr77–96 ∼5c 3.6
Vpr80–96 >30b NA
  • a The indicated amounts of peptides are the minimal amounts required to retard completely 1 μg of plasmid DNA.

  • b The largest amount of peptide tested was 30 μg.

  • c With 5 μg of peptide, most of the DNA was retarded, but complete retardation was not attained even with a significantly larger amount of peptide (i.e., 30 μg).

  • d NA, not applicable.