Table 1.

Induction of serum Absa

MiceImmunization routeMean anti-NP Ab titerb (log2)Mean titersb (log2) of neutralizing Ab to influenza virus strain
A/Udorn (H3N2)A/PR/8/34 (H1N1)
IFN-γ+/+ No virus10.96<3<3
IFN-γ+/+ i.v.18.52 ± 0.729.35 ± 0.22<5
IFN-γ+/+ TRT19.56 ± 0.549.30 ± 0.59c <5
IFN-γ−/− TRT18.16 ± 0.838.65 ± 0.45d <5
  • a IFN-γ−/− and immunocompetent (IFN-γ+/+) BALB/c mice were immunized by i.v. or TRT exposure with 5 × 105 PFU of influenza virus A/Udorn (H3N2) per mouse. Four weeks later, sera were collected and assayed for levels of Abs.

  • b The values represent the means of Ab titers for five mice in each group, and (where shown) SEM.

  • c,d The two-tailed P value is 0.0943, considered not significant.