Table 2.

Luciferase activity expressed by pFN-Luc in HPV-positive and -negative cells

CellsOriginHPV status% Luciferase activitya
CrEC-Ecb Normal human cervical epithelial cellsNegative100
C-4Ic Human carcinoma, cervixPositive (HPV-18)15 ± 2.8
ME-180c Human carcinoma, cervixPositive (HPV-18/39)10.5 ± 2.1
CaSkic Human epidermoid carcinoma, cervixPositive (HPV-18)50 ± 14.8
MS751c Human carcinoma, cervixPositive (HPV-18)13.5 ± 2.1
C-33 Ac Human carcinoma cervixNegative143.5 ± 14.8
HT-3c Human carcinoma, cervixNegative16.5 ± 3.5
  • a The amount of luciferase activity per microgram of protein expressed by pFN-Luc in CrEC-Ec cells was taken as 100% after normalization to CAT activity. The luciferase activities in the other cell lines are relative to that 100% value. The values shown represent the means of two different experiments, each done in duplicate, ± the standard deviations. Luciferase and CAT activities were determined 48 h after transfection.

  • b Cells obtained from Clonetics Corp., San Diego, Calif.).

  • c Cells obtained from the American Type Culture Collection.