Table 3.

Correlations between CD8+ T-cell reactivities to HIV-1 peptides in six HLA A*02 group A, B, and C patients during combination antiretroviral therapy

Test combinationParameter
Test 1Test 2na rb P
IFN-γ for Gag p1777–85 IFN-γ for VVgag p55530.50<0.01
CTLp for VVgag p55440.33<0.05
Tetramer for Gag p1777–85 500.76<0.01
IFN-γ for Pol RT476–484 IFN-γ for VVpol 500.27NSc
CTLp for VVpol 410.24NS
Tetramer for Pol RT476–484 510.48<0.01
Tetramer for Gag p1777–85 CTLp for VVgag p55520.67<0.01
IFN-γ for VVgag p55590.39<0.01
Tetramer for Pol RT476–484 CTLp for VVpol 510.31<0.05
IFN-γ for VVpol 610.09NS
  • a n, number of determinations.

  • b Pearson correlation coefficient.

  • c NS, not significant (P > 0.05).