Table 2.

Expression of β-Gal in cells using DNA-based KUN replicon vectors

DNA construct (expression type)Cell typeCell passageAmt of β-Gal (pg/cell)a
pKUNβrep2 (transient)BHK21186 ± 27
pKUNβrep3 (stable)BHK212194 ± 9
BHK213198 ± 14
BHK2113153 ± 4
BHK2122156 ± 7
Vero10153 ± 6
HEp-215154 ± 22
29320122 ± 4
pKUNβrep4 (stable)BHK216130 ± 6
A1728140 ± 12
  • a Amounts of β-Gal were determined by using the β-Galactosidase Enzyme Assay System (Promega) by comparison with β-Gal concentration standards. To calculate β-Gal amounts per expressing cell, the amounts of β-Gal detected in the total volume of cell lysates were divided by the number of expression-positive cells at 48 h posttransfection in transient-expression experiments or by the total number of cells in stably expressing (100% β-Gal positive) cultures at indicated passages. The values are the means ± standard deviations for triplicate experiments.