Table 3.

Conservation between proposed Chp2 VP3-coat protein interactions and internal scaffolding-coat protein interactions in the atomic structure of the φX174 procapsida

φX174 procapsid interactionsChp2 proposed interactions
VP3CoatNature of internal scaffolding coat interaction
D111R239E103 or E104R339Charge-charge
E113K166b b
E113R239E107 or E108R339Charge-charge
F120F67F114 or Y116F85 or F86Aromatic
F120Y134F114 or Y116Y160Aromatic
F120F135F114 or Y116Y160Aromatic
  • a The atomic structure of the φX174 procapsid can be found in references 6 and7. Proposed interactions were determined by sequence alignments between the φX174 and Chp2 proteins.

  • b No equivalent interaction in CHP2.