Table 1.

Influenza virus CD8+-T-cell epitopes inH-2b mice

ASNENMETMDbNP366–374 + 23,25
TALANTIEVDbPB2141–149 25
SSLENFRAYVDbPA224–233 +This study
RFYRTCKLKbPB2465–472 25
RTFSFQLIKbNS2114–121 + 25
MGLIYNRMKbM1128–135 + 25
  • a The epitopes were identified by screening overlapping peptides or from consensus motifs.

  • b This summarizes the results of several experiments where spleen and/or BAL fluid samples from mice infected i.n. with the HKx31 virus were analyzed using the Pepγ assay (see Materials and Methods). Peptide sequences (25) that conformed to consensus motifs (mimetic peptides) and bound MHC class I molecules with high affinity but did not stimulate a CTL response detectable using H-2 compatible target cells infected with the PR8 virus also failed to induce IFN-γ production above background (<0.2%) CD8+ IFNγ+ levels.