Table 1.

Comparison of binding of YF, JE, and DEN-2 to MKB and MKL MRPs

VirusStrainInfectivitya(log10 PFU)Binding indexb
Virus + bufferVirus + MRP
JEP35.73.6 (MKB)2.1 (MKB)
5.0 (MKL)0.7 (MKL)
DEN-2NGC5.85.5 (MKB)0.3 (MKB)
5.6 (MKL)0.2 (MKL)
YFFVV5.65.0 (MKB)0.6 (MKB)
3.8 (MKL)1.8 (MKL)
FNV-Yale6.52.3 (MKB)4.2 (MKB)
5.0 (MKL)1.5 (MKL)
Asibi6.35.8 (MKB)0.5 (MKB)
5.0 (MKL)1.3 (MKL)
17D-2046.86.3 (MKB)0.5 (MKB)
6.0 (MKL)0.8 (MKL)
  • a Infectious virus remaining in the supernatant following incubation of virus with MRP or buffer and pelleting of the virus-MRP complex as described previously (7).

  • b Log10 reduction in infectivity titer (log10 infectivity in buffer/infectivity in MRP supernatant).