Table 1.

Summary of modeling results

CriterionDegrees of rotation of:
Hemagglutinin HA topgp120 corea
Carbohydrate maximum1060−10−1010−30 (0)
Conserved residue minimum−30−20−5010 (0)−10 (0)20
Peak positional difference40804020 (10)20 (10)50 (20)
Mean of extrema−1020−300 (−5)0 (5)−5 (10)
Absolute mean deviations
 Of peak rotational differences (X, Y,Z)5330 (13)
 From the correct trimer orientation (of the mean of the extrema)2011 (5)b
  • a Numbers in parentheses are extrema if differences occur when forbidden regions determined from the Fab steric criterion are taken into account.

  • b The mean deviation here was calculated assuming that the ratio of the mean deviation of the modeling parameters to the mean deviation from the correct trimer obtained in the hemagglutinin test case holds for gp120.