Flow virometry applications

VirusSize (nm)aParticular applicationReference(s)
    T270 × 200Discriminating viruses7
    T470 × 200Single-virus genomics15
    Lambda50–60Single-virus genomics15
Mammalian viruses
    Vaccinia virus350 × 270 × 250Vaccine quality control24
    HCMV200–300Developing neutralizing antibodies26
    HSV-1125 (capsids)Nuclear capsid sorting16
250 (virions)Tegument variability; viral fitness17
    Nipah virus150–500Surface protein analysis22
    HIV120–150HLA DR/LFA1 heterogeneity14
Envelope conformation19
    Junin virus100–300Viral subgroups; impact of host23
    MHV80–120Size marker for liposomes18
    Reovirus60–80Discriminating viruses7
    Dengue virus40–60Virion maturation20, 25
Marine virusesVariousEnumeration912
Giant viruses
  • a Viruses are not necessarily homogenous in size and can vary, so the data represent average values.