Estimation of the number of Env trimers per viriona

VirusGag/Env ratioEstimated no. of trimers
Tier 1 wt/A66-R5746
Tier 2 wt/A66-R5558
Tier 3 wt/A66-R53613
Tier 1 ΔCT/A66-R53215
Tier 2 ΔCT/A66-R53314
Tier 3 ΔCT/A66-R5895
HIV-1 BAL/SupT1-R52717
HIV-1 NL43/SupT1-R5657
  • a Gag p27/Env gp120 ratios were calculated, and the numbers of virion-associated trimers were approximated based on an estimate of 1,400 Gag molecules per virion.