Polymorphisms observed among CyHV-3 strains in ORFs encoding VTPs

GeneRequirement in FL strainMutationa
ORF32EssentialNo mutation
ORF59EssentialNo mutation
ORF81EssentialNo mutation
ORF83EssentialSeveral aa inserted in M3, T, and J
ORF99EssentialSeveral aa changed in KHV-I, M3, T, and J
ORF106EssentialNo mutation
ORF115EssentialOne aa changed in T
ORF131EssentialOne aa changed in KHV-I, FL, Cavoy, and T
ORF25NonessentialSeveral aa inserted in M3, T, J, and GZ11
ORF27NonessentialFrameshifted in U, KHV-I, T, and GZ11; large regions deleted in FL; stop codon insertion in the beginning of the ORF in Cavoy; several aa changed in M3 and J
ORF64NonessentialFrameshifted and several amino acids deleted or inserted in M3, T, and J
ORF65NonessentialOne aa deleted in KHV-I, FL, Cavoy, I, and E; one aa inserted and several aa deleted in M3, T, and J; one aa changed in GZ11
ORF108NonessentialOne aa inserted, one aa changed and a stop codon inserted at the end of the ORF, several aa lost in M3, T, and J
ORF132NonessentialOne aa changed in KHV-I
ORF136NonessentialSeveral aa inserted and a stop codon inserted in the middle of the ORF in M3, T, and J
ORF148NonessentialSeveral aa inserted in KHV-I, Cavoy, and GZ11; Several aa deleted in M3, T, and J
ORF149NonessentialOne aa changed in KHV-I, Cavoy, and E, 13 aa inserted in M3 and J
  • a Boldfacing indicates mutations that create an in-frame stop codon or frameshift. aa, amino acid(s).