Proteins identified by 2D LC-MS/MS in purified CyHV-3 virionsa

  • a Data are restricted to CyHV-3 proteins detected by SDS-PAGE and LC-MS/MS in at least two of the three independent preparations of purified virions. Predicted transmembrane proteins are shaded in gray. Protein features were based on previous publications (6, 9) or predictions made using TMHMM, SignalP, NetNGlyc 1.0, and the NetOGlyc 3.1 server from the CBS web site. Similarity and domain analyses were performed by BLASTP N-glyco and O-glyco, number of N glycosylations and O glycosylations, respectively.

  • b No transmembrane domain was detected by software prediction. This sample was classified as a putative type 1 transmembrane protein on the basis of significant similarity to previously studied viral membrane proteins.