NK cell memory and memory-like responsesa

SpeciesTypePathogen(s), antigen(s), or diseaseReceptor(s) and/or cell phenotypeLigand(s) or stimulus(i)Reference(s)
MiceAntigen specificHaptens (DNFB, oxazalone)NK1.1+ or DX5+ (CD49b) and CXCR6+ NKG2D+ CD90+ CD11b+ CD27 DX5 CD49a+? 26, 31, 32, 34
HIV VLP (Gag, Env)NK1.1+ or DX5+ and CXCR6+? 31
Influenza VLP (M1 or HA/M1)NK1.1+ or DX5+ and CXCR6+? 31
Influenza virusNK1.1+ or DX5+ and CXCR6+ DX5 CD49a+? 31
Vesicular stomatitis virusNK1.1+ or DX5+ and CXCR6+? 31
Vaccinia virusNK1.1+ or DX5+ and CD90+? 33
Murine cytomegalovirusLy49H+, Ly49P+m157, m04 43 45
BCG, M. tuberculosis?CD27, IL-21 85
Cytokine induced Ly49H+, NK1.1+IL-12, IL-15, IL-15 87
Humans and NHPAntigen specificHuman cytomegalovirusNKG2C+ CD57+
SIV, SHIVNKG2A+, NKG2C+Gag, Env 78
HIV, SIV antigens by adenovirus vectorsNKG2A+, NKG2C+Gag, Env 78
BCGCD56+ CD16lo? 86
Cytokine inducedAcute myeloid leukemiaNKG2D+ DNAM-1+IL-12, IL-15, IL-15 89
Inactivated influenza virusIFN-αβR2+IL-2 88
Memory-likeHuman cytomegalovirusNKG2C+, γ-chainAntibody 90, 91
HIVNKG2C+, γ-chainAntibody 92
HCVNKG2C+, γ-chainAntibody 93
Epstein-Barr virusCD56bright NKG2A+ CD56dim NKG2A+ NKG2A+ 2B4+ NKG2D+? 51, 5760
  • a VLP, virus-like particles; NHP, nonhuman primates.