Table 2.

Correlations of sequence variations in the H proteins from vaccine and wild-type strains of measles virus and their ability to grow in Vero monkey kidney or B95-8 marmoset B-cell lines

VirusAmino acid at positionc:Cytopathic effectd in:
Vaccine strainsa VYD++
Edmonston (Vero cell adapted)VYD++
Group 1 wild typeb (China 93-5)VND+
Group 2 wild typeb (Montefiore 89, Chicago-1)VNN+
Group 3 wild typeb (Colorado 1994)VNN+
Group 4 wild typeb (New Jersey 94)VND+
Group 5 wild typeb (Tennessee)KND+
Group 8 wild typeb (China 93-1)VND+
  • a Moraten, Rubeovax, Zagreb, Schwarz, and AIK-C vaccine strains were tested.

  • b All wild-type viruses were initially isolated with B95-8 cells.

  • c Predicted amino acids in the H protein including the potential glycosylation site at residue 416.

  • d B95-8 and Vero cells were infected and examined for the presence (+) or absence (−) of cytopathic effect.