Table 2.

Detection of positive (+) and negative (−) strands of HGV RNA in serum samples and various tissues from four patients with AIDS

PatientHGV RNA titera in:
Serum (genomic eq/ml)Tissue (genomic eq of RNA/μg)
LiverSpleenBone marrowLymph nodePancreasThyroidAdrenal glandKidneyLungMuscleSkinSpinal cord
15 × 104 NPNNDND103 102 103 N102 N101 N101 N101 N102 N101 NNDND101 N
25 × 104 N102 N103 102 105 103 101 N101 NPNPN101 N101 NNN101 NNN
35 × 105 N103 102 103 102 103 P101 NPNPN101 N101 N101 NNN101 NNN
45 × 104 N102 NNDND102 N103 N102 N101 N102 NPN102 N101 NNDNDNN
  • a The presence and titers of the positive strand were determined by the MMLV RT-based assay, while the presence and titers of the negative strand were determined by the Tth-based assay. N, negative; P, positive in 6 μg of total RNA; ND, not done.