Table 1.

Oligonucleotide primers used in an analysis of HPV31b gene expression in CIN-612 9E rafts

PrimerSequenceaOrientationORFbHPV31 nta
P77 5′5′-GCA CAT AGT CTG TGG TGC AAA CC-3′c SenseURR75–97
E6 3′5′-GGG TAT TTC CAA TGC CGA GC-3′AntisenseE6173–154
E7 3′5′-CTG GAT CAG CCA TTG TAG TTA CAG TCT AGT AG-3′AntisenseE7E1874–843
E1 3′5′-TGT CCT CTT CCT CGT GC-3′AntisenseE12667–2683
E4-2 3′5′-CGC CCG CCG CAC ACC TTC ACT GGT GCC CAA G-3′AntisenseE43409–3380
E4 3′5′-CTT CAC TGG TGC CCA AGG-3′AntisenseE43395–3378
L2-3 3′5′-GTA GAG CGT TTG GAC CGC-3′AntisenseL24173–4190
L1-2 3′5′-TAG CAC TGC CTG CGT G-3′AntisenseL15657–5672
  • a Corresponding to the sequence and numbering of HPV31 (19).

  • b ORF or region of HPV31.

  • c Underlined bases were altered from the wild-type sequence to increase the melting temperature.