Table 1.

Comparison of the ability of the HCV core gene, adenovirus E1A, and H-ras oncogenes to induce in vitro‚ÄČimmortalizationa

Plasmid DNA transfectedNo. of clones surviving 4th passage/no. tested
pCI-neo-core K (HCV-K)0/12
pCMV-RC (HCV-RH)0/12
pCI-neo + adenovirus E1A6/6
pCI-neo + H-ras 6/6
  • ‚ÜĶa Secondary cultures of REFs were cotransfected with each plasmid DNA. G418 selection was applied 48 h after transfection. When drug-resistant colonies had developed, single colonies were isolated and transferred into six-well dishes (first passage). The proliferative potential was then tested by further passage onto 100-mm dishes (second passage) and subsequent passages (third and fourth passages), splitting cells at a ratio of 1:10. Clones which survived the fourth passage were scored as surviving.