Results of bioassays of brain material from selected pigs in Tg002 mice that express porcine prion protein

Donor animal no.Donor treatment group (donor incubation period [mpi])Tg002 mouse
Attack rateaMean incubation period (dpi)
18i.c. inoculated market wt (6)2/29244
27i.c. inoculated aged (64)3/29167
28i.c. inoculated aged (73)2/27314, 701b
32Orally inoculated market wt (6)0/28>700
48Orally inoculated aged (72)14/28263
  • a PrPSc in the brains of mice was detected by an antigen capture EIA.

  • b The survival times of these two mice are so disparate that calculation of a mean incubation period would not be meaningful.