Table 2.

Superinfection and persistence of baboon LCV in EBV-transformed PBMCsa

TreatmentNo. of LCLs generatedNo. of LCLs positive for EBV EBNA-2/no. of LCLs analyzedNo. of LCLs positive for baboon LCV EBNA-1/no. of LCLs analyzed
Control medium2812/120/12
Baboon LCV5143/4333/43
  • a A total of 107T-cell-depleted human PBMCs were exposed to control medium or baboon LCV and cultured in a 96-well microtiter plate. Subsequent LCLs were analyzed for the presence of EBV DNA and baboon LCV DNA by amplification for EBV EBNA-2 and LCV EBNA-1 sequences, respectively (Fig. 5).