Table 3.

Summary of relevant previously published vaginal transmission studies from this‚ÄČlaboratory

VirusTCID50 of inoculumaNo. of inoculationsNo. of animals infectedb/no. of animals inoculatedRefer- ence
SIVmac251105 18/8c 23
104 18/8c 23
105 14/4c 23
SIVmac1A11105 121/5 15
SIVmac239105 22/2 25
SHIVHXBc24,80040/2 12
4,80030/2 12
SHIV 89.61,80042/2 12
1,80032/2 12
  • a All virus inoculations consisted of 1 ml of virus stock, and all inoculations summarized in this table were done without addition of seminal plasma.

  • b An animal was considered infected if virus could be isolated from its PBMC on at least one occasion.

  • c Transient viremia was noted in some of the animals inoculated intravaginally with this virus stock. The animals inoculated with the lower doses of virus were more likely to become transiently viremic than animals inoculated with the higher doses of virus. Please refer to reference 23 for details.