Table 1.

Enrichment of pp65 on the nuclear matrix

Fractiona% Total cellular proteinb% of protein in fractionc
IE-1pp65 (68 kDa)pp65 (50 kDa)
Cytoplasm/soluble protein86.393.2 (1.08d)5.1 (0.06)1.7 (0.02)
Detergent-treated nuclei8.92.9 (0.33)43.9 (4.93)50.2 (5.64)
Nuclear matrix3.01.9 (0.63)25.9 (8.63)38.7 (12.94)
Guanidine-HCl-washed nuclear matrix1.82.0 (1.11)25.1 (13.94)9.4 (5.22)
  • a HCMV-infected HF were fractionated into the indicated cellular fractions as described in Materials and Methods.

  • b The amount of total protein represented in each fraction was determined as described in Materials and Methods, and the percentage of total cellular protein was calculated as follows: % = (total protein in fraction/total cellular protein) × 100.

  • c The amount of IE-1, pp65 (68 kDa) or pp65 (50 kDa) in each fraction was determined by phosphorimaging. The results are presented as the percentage of total IE-1, pp65 (68 kDa), or pp65 (50 kDa) in each fraction as calculated by the following formula: % = (counts in fraction/total counts for protein) × 100.

  • d The specific enrichment of each protein in a specific fraction, determined by the following formula: enrichment = % of protein determined in footnote c/% of total cellular protein determined in footnote b.