Antibodies used in the present study

Antibody (clone)Main specificities in lymphoid tissueaDilutionSourceb (reference)
CD3 (Leu4)T cells1:50Becton Dickinson
CD3 (polyclonal)T cells1:50Dakopatts
CD4 (NCL-CD4-1F6)T helper, DC, macrophages1:40Novocastra
CD4 (Leu3a)T helper, DC, macrophages1:40Becton Dickinson
CD4 (M-T477)T helper, DC, macrophages1:50Becton Dickinson
CD8 (Leu2a)T suppressor/cytotoxic cells1:70Becton Dickinson
CD8 (CB/144B)T suppressor/cytotoxic cells1:70Dakopatts
Perforin (PI-8)Activated CTL, NK cells1:1001:70Dakopatts
Granzyme B (GrB-7)Activated CTL, NK cells1:20Dakopatts
TIA-115-kDa protein in cytotoxic cells1:5001:500Coulter
CD1a (Leu 6)Subset of DC and T cells1:20Becton Dickinson
CD207 (Langerin)Langerhans-type cells1:201:10S. Saeland (35, 36)
CD208 (DC-LAMP)Mature DC1:400S. Saeland (9)
CD83 (HB15A)DC, activated lymphocytes1:200Immunotech
CD68 (KP1)Macrophages, some DC1:701:20Dakopatts
CD169 (ID2)Sialoadhesin, macrophages1:200P. Crocker (16)
CD20 (L26)B cells1:501:50Dakopatts
R4/23Follicular DC1:30Dakopatts
  • a DC, dendritic cells; CTL, cytotoxic T cells; NK, natural killer cells.

  • b Becton Dickinson or BD-PharMingen, San Diego, Calif.; Novocastra, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom; Dakopatts, Copenhagen, Denmark; Coulter Corp, Krefeld, Germany; Immunotech, Marseille, France; S. Saeland, Schering-Plough, Dardilly, France; P. R. Crocker, University of Dundee, Scotland.