Frequency of SIVΔnef or SIVmac251 RNA-positive cells in lymphoid tissue

TissueaNo. of RNA-positive cells/mm2 of lymphoid tissueb
7205 (wt, 4 dpi)1882 (wt, 7 dpi)1965 (Δnef, 4 dpi)8153 (Δnef, 7 dpi)1933 (Δnef)1955 (Δnef)9031 (Δnef)
2 wpi26 wpi2 wpi26 wpi2 wpi26 wpi
Palatine tonsil18.4015.180.481910.700
Lingual tonsil12.1313.500.202.110.900
Retropharyngeal LN01.800.270.250.90
Submandibular LN01.470.200.130.750.340.11
Cervical LN0.250000.400.200
Axillary LN0.080.600.030.0810.11.5821.50.501.160.4
Inguinal LN02.4300.020.700.500.30
Mesenteric LN0.
Paragastric LN0.180000.220.10
  • a LN, lymph node; GALT, gut-associated lymphoid tissue.

  • b The animal number, infecting strain (wt, SIVmac251; Δnef, SIVΔnef), and time postinfection (dpi, days postinfection; wpi, weeks postinfection:) are indicated.

  • c 1 to 2 RNA+ cells in four sections.