Properties of the identified PrV genes

    Coding sequencent 943–128ant 2348–936
    TATA boxnt 1069–1063nt 2536–2530
    Polyadenylation signalnt 75–70nt 75–70
Deduced protein
    Size271 aa470 aa
    Isoelectric point9.006.96
    Expected molecular mass30.41 kDa51.58 kDa
    Apparent molecular mass29 kDab
Homologous proteinsc
    Alphaherpes viruses
        EHV-176.2 (67.9)66.2 (59.8)
        VZV72.1 (62.5)59.5 (51.0)
        HSV-169.3 (57.7)60.4 (53.3)
    Betaherpesvirus (HCMV)38.2 (27.5)37.7 (28.7)
    Gammaherpesvirus (EBV)33.1 (23.8)38.2 (30.5)
  • a All ORFs and putative transcription signals are located at the reverse strand of the determined DNA sequence (GenBank accession no. AJ319028), and nucleotide positions (nt) are therefore numbered from right to left.

  • b The UL32 protein of PrV has not been identified.

  • c Values are percent similar residues (percent identical residues) and were determined using the Genetics Computer Group program “gap”. The amino acid sequences of the homologous alpha-, beta-, and gammaherpesvirus proteins were deduced from genomic DNA sequences (2, 12, 13, 33, 50).