Table 3.

Neutralization of laboratory-passaged viruses and primary isolates of HIV-1 in MT-2 cells by sera from HIV-1-infected individuals

SerumaNeutralizing antibody titer forb:
T00953 127178245<5≥5
V91008 8,4344952,285<5<5
W97464 5161561,850<5<5
P46471 1,6886823,442<5<5
  • a Sera were tested at a 1:5 dilution against primary isolates in MT-2 cells.

  • b Titers for IIIB, MN, and SF-2 are the reciprocal dilutions at which 50% of cells were protected from virus-induce cell killing. Neutralization of primary isolates was considered positive when p24 synthesis was reduced >80% relative to the virus control (no test serum). All viruses were assayed in MT-2 cells except SF-2, which was assayed in CEMx174 cells.