Table 4.

Quantitative analysis of HIV-1 and MMTV genomic RNAs in virions derived from cotransfection of recombinant virusesa

ConstructViral genomic RNA incorporation (% of wt level)Ratio of HIV to MMTV (1,b 3, 4) or MMTV to HIV (2, 5) genomic RNA
1 (pHXB2/pUVHBf)90 ± 50
2 (pUVH/pHXBf)094 ± 5
3 (pHX/MT-NC/pUVHBf)66 ± 313 ± 35
4 (pHX/MT-ZnD/pUVHBf)22 ± 35 ± 0.14.4
5 (pMT/HX-NC/pHXBf)7 ± 199 ± 414
  • a Relative nucleic acid content of viral particles was measured by RT-PCR. RT-PCRs using HIV (HIV979 and HIVc1686) and MMTV (MMTV1542 and MMTVc2234) gag-specific primers were carried out to detect viral genomic RNA incorporation as described in Materials and Methods. The set of primers used for the HIV RNA detection shown here is different from the set used for experiments reported in Table 3. The average of values ± standard error from two independent experiments rounded to the closest integer is reported for each transfection. Constructs pHXBf and pUVHBf do not generate particles because of a frameshift mutation in the Gag open reading frame. wt, wild type.

  • b Construct number.