Table 5.

Antibody-mediated neutralization of SI primary isolates in homozygous Δ32-CCR5 PBMC

SerumaNeutralizing antibody titer for primary isolateb:
T00953 ≥5≥5
V91008 ≥5<5
W97464 <5<5
P46471 <5<5
D75899 ≥5≥5
  • a All serum samples except D01 were from HIV-1-infected individuals; sample D01 came from a healthy, noninfected individual and was used as a negative control.

  • b Primary isolates V67970 and H69172 were grown in normal PBMC and assayed in homozygous Δ32-CCR5 PBMC. Virus neutralization was assessed at a 1:5 dilution of serum samples. Neutralization was measured on day 8 for V67970 (11.6 ng of p24/ml in absence of test serum) and on day 7 for H69172 (18.0 ng of p24/ml in absence of test serum). Neutralization was considered positive when p24 synthesis was reduced >80% relative to the virus control (no test serum).