Table 2.

Neutralization of primary isolates of HIV-1 in MT-2 cells and human PBMC by sera from HIV-1-infected individuals

SerumaNeutralizing antibody titer inb:
MT-2 cellsMT-2 cells/PBMC
T84468 2482,241<5/<5<5/<5<5/<5
Y44003 213,149<5/<56/<5<5/<5
W05477 191670<5/<579/25<5/<5
V97490 97336<5/512/<56/<5
  • a Sera are from HIV-1-infected individuals.

  • b Titers measured in MT-2 cells are the reciprocal serum dilutions at which 50% of cells were protected from virus-induced cell killing; titers measured in PBMC are the reciprocal serum dilutions that reduced p24 synthesis by >80%.