Table 1.

Comparison of the nucleotide and amino acid sequences of the structural protein and nonstructural NS1 protein gene region of the parental DEN2 NGC strain and its mouse-adapted neurovirulent mutant

PositionNucleotidePosition in proteinAmino acid
601 CTT TTTPreM55 LeuPhe
608AGGAAGPreM57 ArgLys
1149GAA GAT E71 GluAsp
1176CCT CCC E80 ProPro
1255 TTA CTAE107 LeuLeu
1312 GAA AAAE126 GluLys
2140 TTT ATTE402 PheIle
2297ACTATTE454 ThrIle
2735CGGCAGNS1105 ArgGln
3130 CTA TTANS1277 LeuLeu