Table 3.

Positions of mutations in Tf1 that affected transposition

MutantFragment with mutationSubstitutionProtein domain
1 BsrGI-BamHI of pHL680-1Ala1311→ThrDNA binding domain of IN
2 AvrII-BsrGI of pHL731-1Pro816→SerRH domain of RT
3 BsrGI-BamHI of pHL682-3Ser1009→LeuCatalytic core of IN
4 AvrII-BsrGI of pHL718-1Leu929→PheZn finger domain of IN
5 AvrII-BsrGI of pHL732-1Ser749→LeuRH domain of RT
9 AvrII-BsrGI of pHL723-1Pro903→LeuZn finger domain of IN
10 BsrGI-BamHI of pHL689-2Glu1142→LysCatalytic core of IN