Table 1.

Viral burdens and levels of neutralizing antibody after intrarectal SHIV89.6PD‚ÄČinoculationa

AnimalSexeVirus dose (TCID)Plasma antigenemiafNeutralizing- antibody titerg
r92014b M2,500<50900
r94054b F2,50012,665<20
r92081c F2,50064535,372
r94080c M2,500<503,165
r94078d F2,5001,560<20
r94085d M2,5002,5654,339
  • a At 4 weeks after inoculation, all animals were positive for the virus.

  • b Inoculated previously with 250 TCID, intrarectally.

  • c Inoculated previously with 25 TCID, intrarectally.

  • d Inoculated previously with 2.5 TCID, intrarectally.

  • e F, female; M, male.

  • f Tested at 2 weeks after inoculation. Shown are levels of p27 in plasma (in picograms per milliliter).

  • g Tested at peak antiviral antibody response. Shown is the reciprocal of the plasma dilution required to protect 50% of cells from virus-induced killing by SHIV89.6PD.